Structurally reinforced concrete construction

Once we have completed the concrete foundation, Madison Concrete Superstructures is ready to start building your sturdy reinforced concrete superstructure. 

There are many reasons why owners, designers, engineers, and contractors, choose to work with concrete. For end-users, there is reduced noise between units, less building sway from wind forces (wind shear) because of the mass and stiffness of concrete dampens movement.

At Madison Concrete Superstructures, we provide all types of concrete services for commercial clients in the New York tri-state area. We specialize in the construction of reinforced concrete superstructures.

Madison Concrete Superstructures specialize in:

  • Shear Walls
  • RCC Slabs
  • Concrete finishing
  • RCC steps and stairs
  • RCC Columns
  • Exposed Concrete
  • Customized Services Available

Our team is Licensed and Certified as follows:

  • NYS Department of Building (DOB)
  • New York City Fire Department (NYCFD)
  • OSHA 40 HR Construction
  • 16 HR Rigging Worker
  • 4 HR Support Scaffolding User & Refresher
  • 62 HR Site Safety Manager
  • OSHA Flagger

Our engineers and managers utilize the latest techniques in AutoCAD 3D Design to improve the performance and understanding of the project.

For additional information about our Concrete Superstructure Services or to request a customized proposal, please contact us today at 917-943-0207 or 347-456-9862.

Let us help you

With your Concrete Superstructure